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Should I do this? One more. how many is it now? At least twenty. And that's just me. You can't pick up a 'zine (Krishna Conscious or otherwise) without being found guilty of some animal abuse. And if that don't get'cha, the re-regurgitated facts and slogans will.

So what do we die-hard vegetarians who just can't shut up say?


Simply say nothing more than the answers to questions those interested raised. Instead of yelling the cliche "MEAT IS MURDER," and "GO VEGAN!" (which does little more than boosts your false ego and pisses everyone off) why don't you just try to express your ideal diet through example? People notice if you're not eating meat. If they ask about it (and they will) then you have the opportunity to explain and a conversation about why you chose this way of life can begin.

Maybe that isn't such a radical idea, but it works. People don't like being screamed at, that doesn't allow them to understand. What are we trying to do anyway? Bring about more vegetarians or mad as hell vegetarian-haters?

So to all of you ultra-harsh VEGetariANS: Please. . .because it is so important, just shut up.