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Step One: Get one. You can order it from

Step Two: Unfold it all the way.

Step Three: Wrap the dhoti around your waist, making the left side a little shorter.

Step Four: Dont' Be discouraged. Tie around the waist on the right side. Pinch cloth to make the knot.

Step Five: Don't sweat it! Fold the left end like an accordion. Note where the stripe is.

Step Six: You're already feeling better. Here comes the hard part (start sweating).

Step Seven: (The Hard Part) You have to take the folded portion in your left hand, and the unfolded (right side) in your right hand. You must get the folded portion to the back (in between your legs). To do so, throw the right (unfolded) side over the left while simultianiously stepping over the left side with the right foot. After stepping over the left portion, you way want to hold it with your right hand. Got all that?

Step Eight: Pull up the folded portion so it is not dragging on the ground. find your own desired lenth. Tuck it in the back.

Step Nine: Almost finished (easy part). Accordion the other side this way. Notw where the stripe is:

Step Ten: Pull up the front to the desired length and tuck it in.

Does it look like this:?