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That is the biggest question I'm asked. What is it all about? Ho can I explain? It's like trying to explain the meaning of life. But still it's "Explain Krishna!" I could tell you of the four basic principles (no meat eating, fish or eggs; no intoxication; no illicit sex; and no gambling), but they will all be explained in time. So now what?

Who is Krishna? Why is He so great? Simply because Krishna is God. It's not like a different God from the God I grew up with, it's the same God, I'm just using His real name now. So yes, Krishna is God, but not your average, run-of-the-mill idea of God. His is not just that omni-present, hovering entity that so many people view God to be. Krishna is a person. he has likes, dislikes, opinions, views. He is a personality. Has personality. That is why it is so easy to love Him. But, oh, what is in it for me? Well, remember the old adage, "it's more important to give than to receive?" Well, it can be heavily applied here. If we go into anything that requires the giving of ourselves and expect an automatic return, we are not giving, we are taking. It's not about that. But still everyone involved is begging to give of themselves. Why? Because there is a supreme pleasure that comes from this devotional service.

There comes a time when we will grow sick of this pointless, animal-like material life. Not just the stupid, childish banter or the sex-crazed beach guy stuff. I mean everything. The pain, the lie of promised pleasure, the torture of the "normal" school-work-retirement-death cycle. There is only so much that you can handle. There comes a time when you must deny what is said to be normal and natural, what is socially accepted and what is "only human."

But what is there to turn to?

Drugs to escape reality? Some mystic yoga meditation? Or should we remain apathetic, "it'll go away." All of these are as much of a lie as what we're trying to escape. In order to escape from this materialism, you must turn to something that is not material.

I guess you know where this is going, but doesn't it make sense?: Think about it. Read on. There is much more than this, please, read with an open mind. Hare Krishna.