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  • We are often criticized by the Christians for having "graven images," idols, (deities). they ask, "How can anyone know what God looks like?" After all, their conception of God in drawings is usually some old guy whose head the artist just happened to cut off. so there's just this body on a throne giving out light. and as far as Christ goes, I find (yet another) hypocrisy. They (the Christians) have fully accepted this "form" (bearded long haired white fellow) of Jesus to be his actual form. But there's no description of Christ's body in the Bible. Yet this image is accepted in nearly every Christian church in the world. Basically, that form, that image, is worshipped. When they think of Christ they usually think of that form, that white Anglo-Saxon all-American form of Christ. I think it's pretty important to point out here that Christ was not American!! He demanded 100% devotion, where is it in the Christian church? most give two hours a week (a bit more around Christmas and Easter), and then have the audacity to tell me that I'm going to Hell for eternity! What ego maniacs! But I know, me & there other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism Judaism, we're all trying to be saved by works, you Christians are the only ones who know you can't be saved by works and are saved by grace. You're forgiven, Jesus took on your load of sin so you can come home from church (that is if you made it out of bed, turn on the TV and watch football. You're so lucky! I wish I could "worship" like that. I was my devotion to God was so weak that I could do whatever I desired and still have this notion that I'm close to God. I guess being totally devoted to God (even if He has a different name) is just beat. I'd rather sit back and flick through the channels, knowing full well that I'm saved by grace, not by works. If works did count for anything, would I be taken to heaven before the end of the first quarter, or does Jesus wait till Halftime?