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  • My roommate Ned calls Krishna my God. he says that Krishna (specifically Lord Jagannatha He has belled my room in His tiny deity form) is my God. he has his own "God". But i question this. Can we actually worship different Gods? Or is it simply different aspects of the same God? Just like my friend, Murray, we've been friends since we were five years old, since kindergarten. With only one fight over a challenging game of musical chairs gone awry. That was in the first grade. he pushed me into the radiator. But I've seen a side of him over the past many years that other have not. This is not so uncommon, but would i claim that I have a monopoly on Murray? No. So why do people claim to have a monopoly on God? I've seen so many people do it. There is a God, that God is a personal God. There are many sides to this person's personality. Just because you've seen one side cannot mean that you now understand everything about God. Just because you follow on religious (or non religious) faith cannot mean that you understand all you can about God.

    I believe that I have found the most detailed description of God in Krishna consciousness. The name Krishna mean "one who is all attractive." It encompasses al the qualities and personalities of every culture's perspective of God in just one name.

    But I don't have a monopoly on God. no Way. And my roommate, Ned, doesn't believe that he does either. He knows what he knows and wants to know more. he once told me that he feels that his body was not him, and that there was something to him even beyond his mind. He didn't want to call it a soul because he has the same old "Christian" idea of a soul. But what he was talking about was the soul. He understood the basics of Krishna consciousness even before he met a devotee.

    He is lucky. he told me that he gets frustrated over thinking about how his body is just a vehicle for his "higher self" (soul). I know that he understands it, but it bothers him. This is a lot for a person who is not following a certain path of self realization to handle. But we should understand this example of Ned and follow through with this knowledge. That is why it is necessary when you understand that you are not the body, but the soul, to find out why you have this body. Why are you here? to be alive? to be punk? to paint? to have a family? No, you are here to use all of these features for a supreme cause. If every thought is shallow enough to only relate to our personal lives, then we must question what our personal consequences will be.