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  • I just got a letter from my friend. She is a pretty cool girl. Your typical high school kid trying to quit smoking. Anyway, at the end of her letters she used to write catchy little phrases like "write back or pay the price!" But now it's different writes things like "tell me about the temporary things."

    And why should I? Why Should I care about who broke up with who? Why should I care about who is mad at you because someone said something to someone else who heard whatever from whoever. Why? I don't care! It's not that I'm better than you. I just want better for you. I don't want you to feel that you have to care about the meaningless excuses for subjects either, you don't. This is where true liberation begins. Disassociate yourself from the high school, boy/girl, rumor, "he's mat at me cause I..." whatever lifestyle. You don't have to buy into that. So why do so many lower themselves to it? I really don't know. If I could give you something that would replace this stuff, something that would make it all seem as meaningless as it truly is, would you accept it? Or would you choose to wallow in this mundane pit?

    Well, I guess you chose to wallow. U guess you chose to refuse what I have offered. So when you hit bottom, when you get so messed depressed over some boyfriend, when you get so sick of it that you want to puke, and you come crying to me about how horrible your life is . . . I'll be there for you. Of course I will. You are my friend. Nothing changes that. So when you need it, I'm here for you. But when you need it don't ask me for the temporary things. The temporary things are what has you so messed up depressed in the first place. Realize this and respond accordingly.