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5.26.99-- Well. As anyone reading this might know, I do a morning
program every morning. Since not much is going on right
now, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what that entails

Here is my morning schedule:
5:00am: Wake up and shower and do all the fun morning stuff.
5:30am: I wake the deities and offer incense to Them.
Since it's nice to offer a flower with incense and I don't have
access to flowers right now, I've been going through the motions
of offering a flower. Same with the morning sweet, hoping to soon
be able to do both. Anway, after that, I sing the typical morning
program songs, "Samsara Prayers," "Nrsmha Prayers," "Tulasi Prayers,"
then finally "Sri Guru-carnanapadma."
6:00am: Sing "Jaya Radha Madhava" and read for 30 mins aloud from
6:30am: Japa meditation(chanting: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare on beads).
7:00am: Breakfast
7:25am: Walk to work

In the evenings, I read from a different book each night...Bhagavad-gita,
Nectar of Devotion, KRSNA book, Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta (biography of
Srila Prabhupada, Sri Isopanisad, and others, for about an hour. Then I put
the deities to rest for the night. Maybe sing a little bhajan (soft song) as a

So that's basically what I do, deity wise and KC wise throughout the day.

This journalizing thing is going pretty well, I think. Little updates on me.
Here's what I did today, or whatever. I dunno.. these things never last, but
at least for now, it gives me a little room for venting. Not anger of course.
I just plumb don't get angry anymore. Not bragging, just telling it like it is.
I have no room for it. I used to think that anger was a good way to motivate
my self and solve the world's problems and all for the revolution blah blah.
But it's just anger. Just stupid anger.

I recently wrote an article about anger, taking notes from the Bhagavad-gita,
maybe tomorrow I'll put up a section on recent writings and I'll stick it there.

Never know.

5.24.99 -- It's thunder in the background with alice coltrane
on the record player as she belts out jazz like Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna. I'm reading Under the Spell of God by
Makeda Cannon. She's a disciple of Swami Krishnapada
who is the author of some great books that we'd all be
better off reading. Makeda Cannon's book is poetry.
a rhyme scheme. I usually don't like rhyme. It says that
it's Radical Rhymes for Colored Girls Who've Considered
Atheism When the Rainbow was Made by God. Not bad.
Though I'm not colored, a girl or even considered atheism,
the book speaks to me because the poems, as the sub
title says, are "for the lord's pleasure." I like that. Simple.
Sweet. She is straight forward. It strikes at the heart, at
the soul like the lightening outside. Wind is blowing like
a tornado, rain is horizontal, parallel to the ground. First
summer storm. Bring it on. the wind, the thunder, the
lightening. Bring it on Makeda. She mixes her poetry with
prose, like speaking, like she's explaining, telling it like it
is. Each poem building on the last, compiling a volume
of strength and rhythm and beauty and devotion. It is about
God, for God and because of God. How could her strength
come from anywhere else?

I don't want this to sound like a book review. It's not. Buy it
if you like, I'm sure it's not for everyone. But it's the mood.
She sets it and Alice Coltrane and the thunder storm have
added their ingredients to it. And there is me. It's never just
a book or a song or a storm. But it's never just you either.

5.19.99 -- I got the first two issues up right quick. Taking
a break, letting things just kinda flow around me. A lot going on
these days. I figured I'd move out after finally getting back on
my feet. Did that last week. Nice little place. I got pics of
it around here somewhere.

Feel a little odd doing this, I'm not very good w/ journalizing.
Something about someone checking this page everyday to see the latest
happenings in my little life. It's scary that there are actually
people like that. And with malicious intent.

But I'm doing my part... still. Or rather again. As far as Krishna
Consciousness goes, I'm hanging in there pretty well now. Getting
regulated. I even wake up at 5am, have a little morning program, japa
period and Srimad-Bhagavatam reading. Gotta be to work at 7:30.
Which is early for a bookstore. But no yawns or droopy eyes here.

Missing New Vrndavana *very* much these days. Was reading today
about how Radha said that if She couldn't see Krishna, She may as
well be blind, that if She couldn't hear His flute, She may as
well be deaf. And if I can't romp the fields and trails of New Vrndavana,
you may as well just break my legs.

Summer is coming, though with lows in the 40's, you can hardly tell.
But I welcome it, even after a mild winter.