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Do All Cows Eat Grass?

Welcome. From September of 1994 till November of 1996, I did a 'zine called Do All Cows Eat Grass. It actually became quite popular and even got some fair to good reviews in some larger punk magazines. It was about Krishna Consciousness and geared towards the hardcore music scene and straightedge.

Eventually, I will have all 5 issues up. But for now, here we go, bit by bit. Adding an article or two or maybe not even that many, per day. Check back and see what's new.

Also, don't forget to visit the New Vrndavana Photo Page with over 120 pictures of beautiful New Vrndavana!

If you'd like to email me, please do so at

Thank you for reading.

Bhakta Eric

image from issue one


Cover of Issue 1 Cover of Issue 2 Cover of Issue 3
Cover of Issue 4 Issue 5

New Vrndavana Photo Page

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